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Carpets are a magnet for dirt, grime and allergens. They soak up spills and trap dirt in their fibers. That's why you need a professional carpet cleaner to get them truly clean. Business owners in Clearwater, FL turn to Contract Cleaning Specialist Enterprise, Inc. for commercial carpet cleaning services.

We'll come during or after business hours, any day of the week, and use proven extraction and cleaning methods to get your carpet truly spotless. We can even take your carpet cleaning services a step further with encapsulation methods. Call 727-596-7685 now to get a free estimate.

Why you should hire professional carpet cleaners

It might be tempting to cut costs by cleaning your carpet yourself, but it's much smarter to get commercial carpet cleaning services. If you try to clean it yourself, you could risk damaging or discoloring your carpet permanently. Your carpet cleaners will know which products are safe for your carpet and know how to get out stains the right way.

Don't risk ruining your perfectly good carpet-hire a cleaning company in Clearwater, FL. Getting professional carpet cleaning services will save you money in the long run.